Ivy 47: Mom 1

May 15, 2016


So I don’t know what it is, but things are really starting to get to me #nopatience. Do you have those days (or weeks, humph) where you just can’t win with being a Mom?! I’m in that la la land of motherhood where I’m on a bad streak and I’m pretty sure Ivy is probably singing in her dreams at night, “Ivy 47, Mom 1,” and chuckling in her cute but I-freaking-want-to-die-if-I-hear-that-again type of laugh. Nevertheless, we’re somehow chugging right along, day by day, but these repetitive and annoying (GASP! Did I just call my child annoying?! 😱) things that are happening at our house lately have gotten the best of me! Where did my Mom mojo go?!

1.CRYING. And I mean, like, WAILING. HOW is it possible, to in one brief millisecond, go from happy to FULL ON TEARS running down my face, like cry me a river, wailing like I’ve never heard her wail before. Ivy. Uncontrollable. She’s on a whole new level. LITrally. Can’t. Take. It. Anymore.

2. The words chicken strips. “What do you want for breakfast?” “Chicken strips.” “What do you want for lunch?” “Chicken strips.” “What do you want for dinner?” “Chicken strips.” Seriously her daughter’s child. BUT COME ON.

3. SWING SWING!!! Tis the season for swinging and parks, which ensues the season for COMPLETE MELTDOWNS when you take them off the swing even after they’ve been on there for thirty minutes and you make them go do something else because your wrist is getting sore from pushing but they completely lose it and wail on the ground like, “MOOOM HOW COULD YOU DO THAT, SWIIIIIIIING SWIIIIIIIIING,” type of wailing and they won’t stop crying till you put them back in the swing and then they completely turn off the crying like it never even happened (refer to #1, again, HOW?!). FML. Can I pretend she’s not mine at the park today? Ok thanks.

4. Clothes. Ivy has this tutu obsession and basically wants to wear one every day. She has two outfits that she would seriously be happy wearing every day. One of the outfits is this purple fairy tutu and matching shirt (pictured in the above photo). The other is this gold kitty shirt with a gold and white tutu and gold arrow leggings, and of COURSE she has to match it with a gold glitter hairbow (bc obsessed) like the kitty is wearing on the shirt. She pulls those out every time they’re clean. I’m seriously thinking about hiding them so she can’t wear them anymore #badmom. But this whole clothes thing is getting to be ridic. She picks out what she wants to wear and half the time it is so outrageous but she will go into COMPLETE MELTDOWN mode (again, refer to #1) if I don’t let her wear it. So, we’re just done negotiating with her and it’s something I’m saying, I don’t give a f**k.

5. Asking the same question 15 times in a row. So. I don’t know where my ability to respond to my child the first time she asks for something went. Maaaaaaybe I’ve gotten better at tuning her out (EEEK), but, I’m definitely still hearing it, just not responding. Like, I’m hearing it, but it’s something I don’t want to answer, or something I have to tell you no to and don’t want to hear you cry, or something that you want but I don’t feel like getting right now, or whatever it is. Like, I think, if I don’t respond to her, she will quit asking the question (please tell me you relate!!!??), but EXACT OPPOSITE. She KEEPS asking AGAIN and AGAIN and AGAIN and AGAIN and AGAIN and AGAIN and AGAIN. Until finally I respond in a super irritated voice. And then I kick myself because why didn’t I just respond the first time so that my blood wouldn’t boil when I have to hear it 15 times! And then she realizes I’m annoyed and asks, “Are you happy?” And I want to respond, “NO! I’m not effing happy!!!” But I somehow calm myself and tell her yes like a good Mom should, meh… Again, Ivy 47, Mom 1.

I need some Mom mojo back! This lull is killing me! And then she’ll come and hug and kiss me and I’ll tell her how much I love her when she wakes up from this nap, and then I’ll forget I ever wrote this. Until she asks for chicken strips for dinner tonight 🙈

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