Leo // 11 Months

May 8, 2016


Leo is 11 months old today, Mother’s Day! So sweet. We are sharing a milestone on this special day, then we share birthdays in a month too! Still can’t believe that little stinker was born on my birthday! And I can’t believe he’s turning ONE in a month! EEEEK.


This month he’s changed so much! He’s really starting to thin out and get long, which means his baby fat is already going away, SAAAAAAAD. I can really tell in his monthly photo collage down below that his face has already lost that cute baby fat! :( Growing up baby Leo!

He’s getting to be so funny lately! He definitely has a voice! He screams and says “AHHHH!” at all times of the day and really loves to show off his tricks, such as shaking his head now, clapping, making noises with his mouth, and basically doing anything that makes a weird noise. He is quite the character. This picture is him screaming and I can’t help but laugh at it!! Ha!


Leo is seriously the sweetest. He’s so cuddly and absolutely loves to be held. He still tucks his little feet under his butt as I hold him and sucks on his two fingers as we get ready for bed. It’s my favorite part of the day, having him lay his head down on my chest, ahhh, the best. Never got that with Ivy so I am tooooootally soaking it up!


He has started walking with his walker and cruises all over the place. Those jelly legs as they begin moving them are the funniest! He tries to get everywhere as fast as he can and pulls himself up on everything. He was crawling so fast with his head down the other day and ran straight into our rock fireplace (ouch!). It was pretty funny and he shook his head, cried for a second trying to figure out what just happened, then went on his way. So cute! Boys are tough!


He still really loves forts and LOVES to get dirty! He wants to get into everything and touch everything with his hands. He likes to be where the action is and I usually have to go searching for him around the house because he likes to wander around. Leo is LOVING being outside lately which works well with our family! Can’t wait for lots of summer fun with this boy.

Leo11months-9He has 8 teeth (four on top, four on bottom) and eats just about anything! Loves fruit, especially blueberries and DEVOURS Mac-N-Cheese and avocados. He is a really good eater, thankfully!

 Monthly stickers // Crib Sheet fabric then custom made by Iviebaby // Jellycat Bashful Calf //

11 months of Leo! I can’t believe how much he’s changed this month! He looks so long and thinned out, missing that baby fat now that he’s cruising all over the place. Love month 4, he’s so chubby and cute!! Leo is looking like a little boy lately instead of a teeny baby! I’ll go cry now! It goes by too damn fast :(


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Here are some of my favorites shots of Leo from this month. So many fun memories together!


And I love these of us together. I am trying to do better at getting in pictures WITH him. Love these 3 pics from this month :)


And we can’t forget about sister Ivy! Leo totally lights up whenever she walks in the room. I love to see him smile at her and want to be around her. Siblings, love!


And of course she is usually picking on him. But he will get her back someday! ;)


Love you Leo! 1 month till you’re 1! EEEK!

What the hell am I going to do for your birthday?!


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