Mother’s Day Gift Guide

May 2, 2016

Mother’s Day is coming up! A time to really tell your incredible Mother how much she means to you and do something a little nice for her. I still really spoil my Mom and we do a brunch and a gift between us sisters usually. And now, as a Mom myself, it’s fun getting spoiled right back and getting lots of extra hugs and kisses from your kids and husband. Nice having thoughtful days like this to be acknowledged for all the hard work we do!

I am a huge stationery fan and Rifle Paper Co always has the most gorgeous floral cards, like this one! Head downtown Sioux Falls to Oh My Word! – I know they have this brand! A card is so sentimental and I love writing my thoughts down to explain to my mother how much she’s done for me and how much she means to me. I love cards.

Well, to the new Moms, old Moms, or Moms trying-to-be, I hope you have a relaxing and special Mother’s Day! Here are a few gifts that I’m eyeing for myself (hehe) and some gifts for my Mother-in-law and my own Mom! So many special women to honor on Sunday!

Mother's Day

wreath // bracelet // candle // vase // boots // notepad // mug // cake stand

I think my favorite thing is the wreath! It’s a seasonal wreath subscription so you get a new wreath with each changing season. Call me old, or something, but I LOVE wreaths! I love to decorate my door with the changing holiday or season and these wreaths are SOOO gorgeous!

And of course, a gift is always fun to receive, but there are a few other things that I think every Mom should receive as well!

1. Flowers! So chliché, I know, but who doesn’t love flowers! They smell fabulous, look fabulous, and always bring a little of the outdoors into the indoors. These flowers look AMAZING! I love a farmer’s market flowers in the summer and this Sunday the farmer’s market at the Falls opens! (Sunday at the Falls) Take your Mama to brunch downtown (Bros and MB Haskett are always fabulous!) then hit up the Farmer’s Market, how perfect does that sound?!

2. Speaking of brunch, no Mom should have to cook on Mother’s Day! Our day off!! Take your Mom out to brunch and for dinner do take-out or your husband grill some dinner! And don’t forget the wine and/or mimosas! YES

3. KIds – NO CRYING or WHINING FOR THE DAY (wishful thinking 🙏)

4. Pampering! Pedicure, manicure, facial, massage, or all of the above? :)

5. Sleeping in! Dad, your turn to get the kids from their beds! Let us Mom’s sleep! I’m just begging till like 8:00! :) But one of my eyes will probably be open bc really, can we ever sleep peacefully when the kids are up?! NO! Just want to lay in the bed for a few extra minutes, ahhhhh. :)

Mother’s Day, a special day for us Mamas! Being a Mom has been so rewarding, I feel like it’s Mother’s Day every day by getting to spend it with my kids! Just another special day to remind myself that I have the best job in the world, being a Mom!!! Cheers to all you Moms, we endure so much joy, happiness, struggles, hardships, and we somehow still smile when our kids come running in for that kiss and hug even after they just spilt goldfish all over the floor! We are amazing and I hope you all have a fabulous Mother’s Day! xo

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