Leo // 10 Months

April 8, 2016

Little cutie Leo is 10 months old today! I can’t believe how big and grown up he’s gotten all of a sudden this month. Tons of personality and cruising ALL over the place! He’s hardly seeming like a baby anymore :(


He’s pulling himself up halfway or all the way on short things. He’s working hard to master it, but knows he can just cruise on to the next thing quicker by crawling : / He loves to bounce in his bed on his butt and he is usually trying to steal Ivy’s lip stuff that she so dearly is obsessed with, hence these photos with one in his hand :) Hehe


He is still SOOOO smiley! I can just look at him and he’ll smile, I LOVE it! He is almost always happy and he is so cheerful and just wants to play ALL day!


He is really loving peek-a-boo and forts and tents this month. His favorite is to go in and out of the fort through the blanket. He laughs and laughs! It’s so funny! And he CRUISES right over to it and laughs the whole way in when we make a fort. He loves it!


He LOVES to eat! His favorite is avocado, blueberries, blackberries, turkey meat, cheese, and toast. Oh and loves goldfish, pretzels, and puff popcorn. Junk food salt lover like his sister. He has six teeth (3 on top, 3 on bottom) and two more right on the surface.


T-shirt // pants // Monthly stickers //Crib Sheet fabric then custom made byIviebaby // Jellycat Bashful Calf //

This month Daddy taught him how to babble by moving his finger up and down his lips. It’s so funny to watch him do it! He wakes up and starts doing it, so cute!

And he learned how to clap! Seeing those big hands clap together is proooolly the cutest thing ever!

All 10 months of Leo! Little pest wouldn’t keep his legs down for this 10 month photo so you can’t see how long he is! Oh well :)


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Here are some favorites shots of Leo from this month. Getting so grown up!


And this is probably my favorite photo of Leo this month, soooo funny!! His big head!! LOL


And Ivy is having more and more fun with him! He absolutely lights up when she comes in the room and has so much fun wrestling around with her. He’s starting to get back at her and it’s so funny to watch! The video CRACKS ME UP!! “I’m just rowing your boat with Leo you.” Ha, and how he pushes her! EEEK!

IMG_0550 IMG_1538Leo10months-3 Leo10months-5

Isn’t it hilarious! This sibling thing, just cracks me up!


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