Easter Cheer

March 28, 2016

Easter Eggs

So much happiness and cheer this weekend! Easter made out to be the perfect holiday at our house! Full of family, friends, good food, and laughs, it was just perfect. Even the sunshine peeked out! The Easter egg hunt in the snow made things kind of interesting, but very memorable to say the least! Ivy and Leo were the cutest little bunnies and Ivy had a blast searching for the Easter eggs and seeing all the goodies the Easter bunny brought her and Leo. It was a glorious holiday indeed! He is risen!


Leo… seriously? His look 😠

The kids LOVED their baskets! (See what was in their baskets here) It was hilarious watching Leo open it!

Photo Mar 27, 6 15 35 PM

sweater // pants // basket

Photo Mar 27, 6 16 05 PM
And Ivy was so excited about hers! #presentlover
Photo Mar 28, 1 54 54 PM

dress // tights // necklace // basket

The two were the cutest little bunnies!


Leo with his bucket! LOL!

Everyone got their fair share with the kiddos! Passed around all day! Shannon loves her some kiddos!

Photo Mar 27, 6 43 31 PM

Uncle Joe, who is NOW 21!!! EEEK! :)
Photo Mar 27, 12 40 23 PM

Then it was time for dinner! Or late lunch you could call it! Everything turned out soooo delicious! And my MIL Betsy approved of the table! YAH!

Photo Mar 26, 12 42 15 PM

table runner // napkins // tablePhoto Mar 28, 1 59 20 PM Photo Mar 28, 1 57 32 PM

And Papa Dan actually put these pigtails in Ivy’s hair! AND curled the ends!! Pretty much the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. And Grandma got her the Betty Bunny Doll. OBSESSED now. Photo Mar 27, 2 14 20 PM

Next was the Easter egg hunt! There was one at church and at our house. The snow made things interesting!

Photo Mar 28, 1 58 26 PM Photo Mar 27, 6 43 05 PM

Photo Mar 28, 1 56 03 PM

Easter was EGGS-elent!

Photo Mar 27, 4 35 58 PM

So I’ll be hiding out today recovering from yesterday. EXHAUSTED!

Photo Mar 28, 9 44 41 AM



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