I is for Ivy and Innocence

February 29, 2016


Do you remember the first lie you told? How old you were? I don’t either (thankfully), but I assume I was approaching my “difficult kiddie years.” I feel like it’s right around the corner for Ivy. She’s going to eventually learn that if I tell Mom this, I’m going to get in trouble and I don’t want to get into trouble, or I am going to lie because I don’t want to do something. It’s inevitable that someday (hopefully later, much much later), she will lie to me. And that already breaks my heart. Or worse, is she ever going to say “I hate you Mom.” OMG I can’t even THINK about that. I will probably die if she ever says that to me. 

The point is, is that, this age, two, is so innocent still. So sweet, so vulnerable, so loving, so carefree, that they don’t even know what a lie is. Can you imagine not knowing what a lie is? Or how to lie? We all need to channel our Jim Carrey selves for a minute and not lie. That would be a little scary! I might have someone telling me to get rid of that excess gut! ;) 

Anyways, I’ve been noticing Ivy’s innocence lately more and more now that Leo’s around. Or maybe because she’s getting older. Either or. But there have been a few instances that I have been like, if you were older, you so would have lied about that. And I hate thinking that! For example, I was in the kitchen cooking dinner and the kids were in the living room playing. All of a sudden, Leo let out a little scream, so I went and checked it out. Ivy was sitting there while Leo was now knocked over on his back lying there. Curiously, I asked Ivy, “Did Leo fall over or did you push him?” She responded, “I pushed him over with my foot and he falled over.” I chuckled, because of how specific it was, but explained to her to not push him over and yada yada. She just says, “Ok Mom.” All cute and stuff and probably not comprehending a single word I just said. Fast-forward another year or so, would she still tell the truth? So nervous about her first lie!! 

So I googled it. I found this article about the ages and stages of lying, and the fibs start happening as early as toddler age! While they’re pretty innocent little fibs, it starts that early! Yikes! I’m basically at the doorstep of the first fib. Deep breath. Wheeeew. I definitely want my children to be honest human beings. In fact, this article states that the most desirable character trait for children is HONESTY. It beat out self-esteem, kindness, good manners, and strong work ethic. That’s pretty awesome. Lead by example, parents! Indeed, honesty is the best policy, after all.

Meanwhile before I get a little heart-wrenched from that first fib, I’m just going to go ahead and soak in this innocence age, and enjoy that my little girl, is still really just that… a sweet little innocent girl ♡


Photography by Amie Hansen Photography

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