Leo // 8 months

February 8, 2016


Leo is 8 months old today! He’s so so so so sweet and cuddly and loveable. Just a chunky ball of happiness! I love him so much! The cutest lil blonde hair blue eyed baby boy :)

This month was big with food! I’m a big fan of baby-led weaning (read this book if you’re interested) and he’s gotten MUCH better this month. He’s full on eating breakfast, lunch, and dinner with us now, all while still nursing. He is going to be an EATER, I can tell. Hello grocery bill! : / EEEK! His favorite meal was probably my mom’s roast beef with gravy and squash. He devoured the squash! He also LOOOOVES mac and cheese, like whoa! Leo has totally gotten the hang of eating, and he loves it. Fun for us to watch how much he can really eat. Big boy!


Leo is SO close to crawling! He is getting on all fours and rocking back and forth. Very close. I looked it up to see when Ivy started crawling, and she was in her 8 month old post (see here, and wow she was so chunky and cute back then!), so Leo is a tad behind, but not much. That’s ok with me, I don’t mind him staying put for a little longer :)


Also, he has FOUR teeth now! His top two just popped through last weekend, so now he’s got some good chompers for eating. Perfect for him! I love to see the lil teeth. They’re so cute and white. And he still loves chewing on everything. Straight to the mouth! He’s super good at a straw already, which is funny. He hasn’t mastered the sippy cup yet, mostly just gnaws on it, but straws, bada bing!


Monthly stickers //Crib Sheet fabric then custom made by Iviebaby // Jellycat Bashful Calf // sweater one-piece

My favorite thing about Leo, is how cuddly he is! When I’m putting him to bed, I hold him close for a little bit and he will tuck his wittle legs underneath his but and lay his head on my chest and suck his two fingers. It’s so sweet I love how he tucks in his legs! Just like how he sleeps, with his butt in the air. It’s pretty much heaven when we get to cuddle for a few minutes. I LOVE IT.


Tehehe, I had to get a naked baby picture! I wish I had been doing this since the beginning! Shucks. Something about a nakey baby in a diaper, love it.

Here’s a recap of the past 8 months with Leo. That one month pic, so teeny!! I think month four is my favorite picture, his chubby face is too dang cute!


And here are some of my favorite pictures of Leo from this month. Fedora picture, my favorite!!!


And he’s still obsessed with Ivy, she’s a maniac and he loves all the commotion!


Love you Leo, xoxo



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