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January 13, 2016

This week has the whole house in the ruts. The cold has ricocheted its way through the entire family starting with John, heading to Ivy, and now ending with Leo and I. Thank god for Ivy being able to blow her own nose now, because it’s one last nasty disgusting suction that I have to do. I’ve always used the NoseFrida, but I got this NeilMed Oral Suction Aspirator from my friend, also our Pediatrician, and it’s WAY better than the NoseFrida! So that’s helping with my poor little Leo :( Hoping we can all just call it a cold and it doesn’t escalate to anything worse. The good thing is, Ivy has ACTUALLY taken naps the last THREE days in a row! I can tell she’s been hit hard with this cold so I’m glad she’s getting some extra rest in there.

While things have been a little slow around here, I’ve had some random things on my mind…

Battling the colds – We got this humidifier for everyone’s rooms and it’s awesome. Ivy loves the LED lights and it also has a diffuser with it. I’ve never used essential oils, but I opted for this Breathe Blend and it smells amazing. It’s like Vick’s Vapor Rub in an oil. It fills the room and really helps us breathe at night. Loving it.

Eating right – I’m getting better at meal planning. Trying to plot out the week has made it easier with grocery shopping and having a plan. I came across this Gathered Table website and it looks like a life-changer. You can choose your primary diet, for example if you eat anything, or paleo, or pescatarian, etc, then it offers customized weekly meal plans, grocery lists, and optional grocery delivery. The recipes look really good and you can even import your favorite recipes from across the web, like all the Pioneer Woman recipes I love! The app looks super easy to use also. I think I’m going to give it a shot!

Working out – I’m sticking with my New Year’s resolution (see post here) and have been running and doing yoga. Happy that we are going to have a couple of warm days so I don’t have to bundle up like an eskimo to get out there! I’m totally in to yoga sculpt right now and last night’s session (I go to AMT) involved rings, THAT was intense! I’m like, TOTALLY inflexible, so yoga is pretty tough for me, but I like the intensity of yoga sculpt. I really like to see everyone’s cool yoga clothes. A girl had these awesome pants on and I really like my shorts that I wear. Have you seen H&M’s sports line?! This tank looks sporty and hip.

Vacation – I’m heading to Minneapolis this weekend for some girl time and leaving the kids with John (EEEEK!). Hoping they’re both healthier by Friday! And John and I just booked a trip to the Bahamas!!!! Headed in February to this resort and I CANNOT WAIT. So that means… SWIMSUIT (dreaded word right now). My ta tas are so veiny from breastfeeding and it’s winter = I’m PASTY WHITE, so they’re not too attractive right now (I hope you can relate, if even with the pasty white part). I’m looking at swimsuits like this and this that kind of hide the ta tas a little more. And this and this cover-up are totally pretty. YES. Now can it just be February? So excited!

Sandals Bahamian Resort

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