Leo // 7 Months

January 8, 2016


Leo is 7 months old today! He is such a happy boy and smiles all the time! This month was big with FOOD! I’m a big fan of baby-led weaning (read this book if you’re interested) and he’s gotten MUCH better this month. Really chewing and swallowing and picking up the food to bring to his mouth. His favorite this month was probably the potato ham soup or short ribs that I made! Oh wait! OR probably the donut my Mom gave him! :) Ha! So he’s moving right along with that. He really loves to sit at the table with us (we got him this high-chair) and he is mastering his pincer grip.


Haha, that picture makes me laugh with his double chin! And yes, he’s still a big boy!! Growing so fast. He has started scooting on his belly and he’s all over the place in his crib. Probably going to start crawling this month or next. EEEK! Then I’ll REALLY see what a boy is like with the things he’ll probably get in to!


He loves to play with his toes and reaches them to his mouth often. Which is so cute! He also STILL loves his two fingers to suck on. He’s really preferring his last two fingers, his pinkie and ring finger lately. But sometimes it switches :)


He also popped TWO teeth this month! He got a fever and runny nose/cold during the week of teething, but he also had vaccinations that week. So it might have been the teeth. Ivy never had trouble teething so this whole fever/cold/miserable behavior could be new to me if Leo has problems teething :(


He’s still getting up once a night to nurse : / Buuut, pretty much sleeps from 7pm – 7am other than that one time getting up. So he’s doing good! He also makes a lot of noises! He says “A-da, a-da” all day and it’s funny because Ivy will copy him! Here’s a video of him chatting with me :)


And he still LOVES his sister! Watches her all the time. And Ivy has gotten quite smitten on him this month. Always kissing and hugging him. SWOON. (PS – Ivy’s skinny legs here! WHOA!)

Here’s a funny video of them!

Monthly stickers //Crib Sheet fabric then custom made by Iviebaby // Jellycat Bashful Calf // snow day onesie // striped pants


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Here are some favorites of Leo this month


2 thoughts on “Leo // 7 Months

  1. Kathryn H

    How do you like Leo’s hanging high chair? Do you ever use it in restaurants? My little guy, Harrison, is 7.5 months (born on the 4th of July), so I love following along with you and Leo. It’s funny how many outfits they have in common – hello GAP and your 40% off codes. :)

    1. Apple of My Ivy

      Hi! I actually really like it! I didn’t know if I would, but I didn’t want ANOTHER bulky high chair at the table, so I gave this one a shot. I love it because it’s easy to pick up underneath it when all the food ends up on the floor :) Plus, I bought the attachable tray, so that’s convenient for messes to just cary to the sink. I will say that the fabric gets dirty easily, but wipes up easily too. Also, there is too big of a gap between the chair and the table, it’s just how the high chair is, so a lot of food falls between it and on to the floor. I wish it was closer together. We’re not talking much of a gap, but enough to make a mess. I guess like any other high chair, either ends up on the floor or on their lap! I haven’t brought it to a restaurant. Our table is weird and has a long edge then a high top, so it’s super annoying for me to totally undo it from the table. But I WOULD if it wasn’t so time consuming! I would LOVE to bring it with. It would be really nice for that. He’s big enough to be in the wood high chairs as the restaurants. So that works. Oh and I LOVE Gap for boys! Coolest stuff, great quality, and YES, ALWAYS 40% off! And GapCash :) Hehe.


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