Friday Finds // 1.8.16

January 8, 2016

Truth, I put 1.8.15 at first. Still can’t believe it’s 2016! Whew! Anyways, what’s going on this weekend? John and I are going to the new movie The Revenant with Leonardo DiCaprio tonight, I can’t wait! Love DiCaprio and it sounds like an incredible story and movie. And it’s been WAY too long since we’ve been to a movie, so much needed! We will proooobably sneak some wine in :) Shhh! Otherwise, it’s Frosty Frolics weekend, lots of outdoor activities! The carnival on Sunday sounds fun, but BRRRR, it’s supposed to be 2 degrees on Saturday and 7 degrees on Sunday, sooo might be staying indoors : / Well, hope you have a good weekend! Friday Finds are back!

Fashion Finds 

Really into blouses right now. And this is a must have white one

Love how these earrings round up your ear. Totally chic

And this gold knot bangle. YUP

My next date night shirt

Yellow mustard sweater. Yes.

Got these shoes for Christmas and LOVE them

Hip knit sweater for your man

Obsessed with this floral romper for girls!

Joggers, they’re everywhere! This brand has some cute ones for boys and girls

Ivy needs this for Valentine’s Day

Hip cardigan for Leo

Romper for girls — romper for boys

Links I Love

Getting into this brand! You get to design clothes for your kids then they will make them for you! Really cute fabrics and designs

I made this braised short ribs this week and it was TO DIE FOR

H&M has a quilted baby blanket?? Awesome!

Minted has four new chic metal frames and this art print in a metal frame would be lovely in a girl’s nursery! Or this one if your little miss is a tad more edgy :)

Totally stylin’ messy ponytail tutorial and effortless waves. I could definitely spruce up my hair

This blog post spoke to me about caring for myself to be a better Mom

The ultimate HOW TO book for any outdoorsmen or women

The 10 best bangs of the last 100 years.

“If you or someone you know is an Instagram husband… there’s support” – HILARIOUS video you have to watch!

Another one you’ll laugh at – embarrassing and awkward tweets

Steven Avery and the Netflix documentary Making a Murderer – 5 things  you need to know. We are HOOKED. And here’s another post on 10 facts about the show.

This post gave me chills about life as this writer reviews a memoir about her brother-in-law’s writing as he faced death from lung cancer

News on the Net

We’re eating too much sugar. We know this!

One word. Powerball

2015 one of USA’s warmest and wettest years

Obama and gun control

Thai beauty ad… WHAAAAAT

Affluenza teen’s Mom booked in Texas

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