New Year, New Me

January 6, 2016

New Year’s Resolutions. Do you even remember yours from last year? So much hype then wait till February and the gyms have emptied and it’s all like resolution? What resolution? I even had to reread mine from last year on this post – all about finding balance between my husband John, caring for Ivy, and caring for the new baby Leo that was coming into our lives, all while keeping my own morale high. BALANCE. That was my key word last year. Reflecting on that resolution, I think I did pretty good! John and I started going out more, Leo fit effortlessly into our lives, and Ivy, well, is Ivy. I’m just trying to hang on for dear life with her endless energy and inquisitive behavior. So I’m giving myself a pat on the back for last year. But this year… well, it’s a different story. This year. It’s all about ME.

 Confession: I’ve joined the masses. And by that I mean the masses of people who have the New Year’s Resolution to GET IN SHAPE and LOSE WEIGHT. I’ve turned into one of those people. One that hops on to “buy this gym holiday special package!” and “eat right and get fit!”and “lose weight!” – these reminders are ringing in my ear left and right. But first things first of how I got to this low point, let’s play a little icebreaker game called “Two Truths and a Lie.” Which is the lie?

#1 – I have never been on a diet

#2 – I have not worked out in a year and a half

#3 – I have lost all of my baby weight

If you guessed the lie to be #3, then you’re a WINNER!! Baby weight… curse you.

So yes, #1 and #2 are the truths – And now you hate me because I have never been on a diet. Ok but really, let me explain. Yes, I am blessed with a high metabolism and good genes I suppose (thanks Mom and Dad!), but also, I’ve never had to be on a diet because I have always been in shape with running throughout my whole life. Furthermore, I don’t like chocolate, coffee, pop, or desserts really (unless it’s creme brulee, so help me God…), so the bulk of unhealthy things, I don’t eat anyways. Unless it’s chips. Give me ALL THE CHIPS and dip! Otherwise, we eat fairly balanced, and yada yada, I don’t know, I’ve just never had to really watch what I eat. But you can always eat better. Eat healthier. So I could still improve on this one. And that would help with losing weight. I just need to NOT buy that Top the Tater ranch sour cream dip. Or back down on my portions. All that diet crap. It’s the little things there that I could get better at.

#2 – I have not worked out in a year and a half – Ok so, I’ve been an athlete all of my life. Playing every sport and then finally focusing on my running career throughout high school and college. I became an All-American in cross-country in college and just recently got inducted into my high school’s hall of fame! So yeah, I am a “has been,” I guess you could call me. I kept up running throughout my pregnancy with Ivy and continued to run afterwards, but with Leo, I didn’t do jack shit. I don’t know why. Winter hit, I was pregnant, and just wasn’t as motivated to get out there and waddle with a gigantic belly. Hence a year and a half. 9 months of being pregnant, and now Leo’s almost 7 months. Haven’t really found the time or motivation (that damn motivation, a recurring problem :/) to get my ass in gear quite yet after Leo. That’s where that New Year’s Resolution took shape…

#3 – And lastly, I have NOT lost all of my baby weight. Damn it. With Ivy, I had it all gone at my 6 week appointment. Well now with Leo, I still have 5 pounds, oooooor maybe 10, who’s counting, that JUST WILL NOT SHED. Prooooobably because of #1 and #2, but my argument has been that with Ivy I relied on breastfeeding and was hoping that would help this time around too. But NO. I guess not. I guess I actually have to do something. Like run. Or workout. Or diet (boring).

So that leaves me with my blog post title, “NEW YEAR, NEW ME.” Time for a change. Time to feel good about my body again.

Starting with getting my ass in gear – I started running again about a month ago and damn, I missed it. The fresh air, the QUIET (no kids saying something on repeat till you respond), the burning of your legs and lungs, I missed it all. I thought I would just do a couple days a week, but I’m soooooort of on the verge of obsession and have been going about 4-6 days a week. It JUST. FEELS. GOOD. I want to see my abs again and not have this dreaded extra skin or fat or whatever it is from having babies around my stomach. And that song by Selena Gomez “Good for ya” that makes me wish for my 18 year old body again, ya, ugh – I suppose that’s a small factor as well. Listen to it. You’ll know what I mean. Oh and I started hot yoga sculpt with Amy Miller Training, heck ya. I hope my muscles have not completely left the building! My shoulders and arms are certainly feeling it today.

Getting my ass in gear = fitting into my clothes again – I can’t just wear oversized sweaters my whole life and hid this belly (although I wouldn’t mind wearing this sweater forever). And my jeans in my closet are only collecting dust. I basically live in leggings. It’s like MY HIPS. My hips got larger with baby two. Grrr. Anyways, maybe I can dodge the jean thing and upgrade one step to jeggings? I’ve been eyeing these denim jeggings and they just went on sale! But, but, leggings are too comfortable. Umph :/ Either way, lose weight and firm up = get back into my jeans

Year 2016 is all about me, myself, and I. Getting in shape, losing weight, and feeling confident in my body again. What’s that saying? Happy wife, happy life? :) BINGO

Who’s with me???!!!!

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