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December 15, 2015

I feel like I talk to myself a lot lately. Maybe it’s the holidays making me berserk, or the cold/snow/rain or whatever weather has been keeping us inside for the majority of the day, but I notice I’m kind of out of it lately. Distracted but bored at the same time? Nonetheless, I have thoughts.  Just random thoughts. All day. And here I am again, talking to myself. Or you. I don’t know. But myself right now.

One word. ADELE

I’ve played her Live in NYC show about 5 times today. Like, seriously, AMAZING. I get chills when she belts it!!

And her makeup, GAH. That was the cat eye I needed for my Halloween costume.

And so, tickets for her tour go on sale this week. This is me already getting anxiety about Ticketmaster at 10am on the dot

And then this is probably how I’ll feel at 10:01am when they’re all sold out

And then…

Don’t even get me started on potty training

But she was 6/8 for going on the potty today. So THAT’S EXCITING!!!!!!!

And then…

What the HELL are we going to eat tonight?

And then when it’s five and I still don’t have a clue and go to Looks to get a roast chicken.

And then…

I notice I haven’t moved the Elf in three days

But then I realize Christmas is next week, yay!!!

So I’m confirming. There is such a thing as holiday brain #truth

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