Thanksgiving 2015

November 30, 2015

This year for Thanksgiving, we had my older sister Jillian, her husband Brian, and their new 10 week old baby Alexandra in town. They’re from Indianapolis and I hadn’t met Alexandra yet, so I was SO excited to have them in town! Jillian came a few days early so we could lounge around with the babies and it was fun to get the three cousins together! Leo looks huge compared to Alexandra! Leo is 5 months old and probably 19 pounds and 96th percentile head, Alexandra is 2 months old, 10 pounds, and 40th percentile head. It makes Leo looks huge! :)


For Thanksgiving on Thursday, my Mom and Jillian were the chefs, while I was in charge of the table. Good trade of to me! I don’t like to touch the Thanksgiving meal, my Mom and sister are so good at it!! My older brother Jesse and his son Jackson were visiting so we had a table full. The food was SOOO good! I love Thanksgiving meal!

And Leo even had his first bites of real food – mashed potatoes and gravy and a teeny bit of turkey. FOOD COMA!

IMG_5981 IMG_5987

Afterwards we celebrated Christmas since Brian and Jillian won’t be here. Ivy decorated her tree and was a crazy girl opening the presents for everyone! She looked so pretty in this new dress.


Leo’s new flannel. So adorable!IMG_6023

Eventful Thanksgiving! Saturday we had Leo’s baptism, and then they were off back to Indianapolis. I wish they lived closer! It’s so great to have these big family get togethers. They don’t happen enough! Hope you all had a Happy Thanksgiving!

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