Cousin Chaos!

October 27, 2015

This weekend was a fabulous weekend! We met the Sweeney cousins, Anna and Nora, in Minneapolis for the weekend, and it was go-go-go for about 2 days straight. A TON of fun though! I wish they lived closer! We don’t get to see them enough!

Friday night we went swimming at the hotel and those girls are like little fishes! Even Ivy was showing off her swimming lessons skills and got dipped under water four times!

 Cousins-2 Cousins-3

Most of Saturday was spent at the Mall of America. Our hotel, the Radisson Blu, was connected to the Mall so that was very convenient with four kids! The kids loved all of the rides!

Cousins-13 Cousins-16

The three girls walked around the mall inseparable… so sweet


Saturday afternoon we went to the play the Jungle Book at the Children’s Theater. It was a really great play and the kids sat still for two hours, I couldn’t believe it!


Emmie and Papa were so thrilled having all the grandkids around!

See you girls at Christmas! Wishing cousins lived closer!! And missing you Becca. Your girls are growing up so nicely! They’re sweet and polite and just pretty much the best… you’d be proud.

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