Our Weekend

October 19, 2015

This weekend was filled with fun Halloween activities and John and I even managed to squeeze a date in there on Sunday too. He was gone hunting for the pheasant opener weekend so I had the kids solo and tried to conquer some days out with them. Ivy was a little stinker and not taking her naps, so she was sure to be a bomb waiting to explode : |

Friday was the Spooky Science Night at the Washington Pavilion. So fun! Ivy loved to touch all of the experiments and get her hands dirty. Her favorite were the dry ice bubbles. I’ll admit, it was pretty cool!


Saturday morning I had a baby shower honoring my friend Ashley’s upcoming baby girl in January. It was GORGEOUS and the host is a terrific baker and made some outstanding dishes. My favorite were the mini pancakes! So cute! I wanted all of them!

Ashley got a TON of great items and mommy/baby essentials. I love baby showers and seeing what other Moms gift! I get ideas and hear of brands or things I didn’t even know about. Plus, it’s always fun to see friends! Look at all these lovely ladies! Baby ballerina is brewing! Cute!

Saturday night was time to get their costumes on! I took Ivy to the Halloween store and she immediately went to Minnie Mouse! I showed her some others but she was like NO MINNIE! So we went with that and I don’t blame her… pink, tutu, and Minnie, she was in girly heaven! I let her pick Leo’s costume and she picked a chubby monkey. ADORABLE!

This is what she did when she first saw herself! HAHA

Saturday night I took the kids to the Halloween Fest with some friends. It was their first annual and it was SO CHAOTIC! Way more people than they expected, so long lines ensued and jam packed crowds. Plus, Ivy decided NOT to nap AGAIN, so she was exhausted and delusional and Leo had to catch a little nap while we were there, so it was a bit of a wreck, BUT, seeing her say trick-or-treat was pretty dang adorable!

Halloween2015-3 Halloween2015-4

Sunday John returned home, thankfully! And we had an event with Queen City Bakery and K’s restaurant, two of Sioux Falls’ best, out on Kristina’s farm. It was a five-course meal with kabocha squash galette with greens, roasted carrot soup with pistou garnish and brioche croutons, pheasant and mushroom ravioli in sage brown butter,  lamb cassoulet with mini corn muffins and biscuits served with pumpkin and corn butter, and lastly bourbon pecan pie with ice cream. Everything was INCREDIBLE! I had way too much wine and had a delightfully full stomach at the end. The evening was fabulous with friends and food! 

I almost slurped up the rest of the sage brown butter… almost.

Whew! BUSY BUSY!! But so much fun. Now I can’t wait for Halloween to go trick-or-treating with the kids! Ivy will love it! And so will I :)

4 thoughts on “Our Weekend

  1. Mary

    That looks like a fun weekend! I need to check out more of the activities around Sioux Falls!

    By the way, I am at the same table as you at MOPS! I just wanted to say “hey”. I’m a blogger myself and also run an Etsy shop. Hope to see you Friday! :)

    1. Apple of My Ivy

      Hi Mary!! Oh ya there are always fun things going on around town! TOO many things this weekend! I will be missing MOPS this week :( We are going out of town and leaving bright and early Friday morning, I’m bummed! What’s your Etsy shop and blog?! I always love discovering new people!


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