Age stats // Ivy 2 years // Leo 4 months

October 13, 2015

Well-checks for the Koch kiddos yesterday! Ivy had her 2 year and Leo had his 4 month. I decided to try to just do them back-to-back and that was quite interesting! Thank goodness I had brought my Mom to help divide and conquer! There was WAY too many people in the room! Kinda chaotic! So I’m pretty sure that’s the last time I will do that! Plus Leo got his shots first and I was consoling him as Ivy got hers and my Mom consoled her… that was sad for me! I wanted to hug her too!!! :( But Grandma did a good job and Ivy hardly cried! Getting to be such a tough girl. I love that chick.

Ivy 2 year stats ➡️ 2’11” (84%), 27lbs 2oz (55%). And my gosh. My big rambunctiously sweet 2 year old girl big enough to use the big girl scales now! She was so adorable and innocent standing there so nice and sweet. Looking way too big and growing up way too fast!!!

Leo 4 month stats ➡️ 25.5 inches (57%), 17lb 6oz (84%). My chubby man with a 17 in (93%) head! Goodness gracious Leo! He was around 85% for height and weight at his two month, so this was a little different with his length only at 57%. He might end up being short and chubby! Haha, that’d be cute too. As long as he stays a chubby baby, that’s my favorite and he’s so cuddly!

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