Fall + Pumpkins

October 11, 2015

It kind of looks like the African Sahara behind me but lo and behold, FALL = PUMPKINS! And we spent the most lovely of a day (82 and sunny! October 11?! Yes please!) at the Country Apple Orchard checking out the sights and picking out a pumpkin. We took the hayride out to the pumpkin patch and began our search for juuuuust the right one. I usually say the bigger the better (that’s what she said), but this time we were looking for anything but ordinary! Ivy was hilarious as she tried to pick up each pumpkin regardless of the size :) You go girl!

South Dakota country, well done, well done

NOM NOM on apples along the way

Purple Dress // Hair bow

And OF COURSE, we had to end the day with her FAVORITE… the train ride!

It’s days like this where I feel especially lucky to have children and a family. Spending days with them and riding on the hayride, walking through the corn fields, picking out their own pumpkin, running amuk… those were my favorite things as a child and I couldn’t be more happy to relive that with our own children. We are very lucky. And days like this is a good reminder of how special this circle of life really is.


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