Friday Finds 10.9.15

October 9, 2015

Hi! This week has actually gone by really fast! We are anxious for Saturday here because John finally gets back from hunting ducks in Canada! It’s so funny, Ivy keeps saying “where’s John?” Ha! I should maybe start calling him Daddy I guess :) Then on Sunday we are doing a mini photo session for xmas cards with The Photography Shoppe. I’m anxious to have a professional photo of the four of us, finally! I hope Ivy and Leo cooperate! And crazy to think about xmas cards, but already loving this classy one or this fun one! Ok, now I’m REALLY ahead of myself. I just love Christmas cards! Anyways, here are your Friday Finds, have a good weekend ya’ll

Fashion Finds

THIS diaper bag. My gaaaawd

Dainty initial necklace, my weakness

Hat for Mommy, hat for Daddy, hat for Leo, hat for Ivy

Kinda diggin’ these cheetah print booties

Black pants… boom

Sexy hubby in this shirt

Links I Love

Must have Princess book for Ivy, it’s freaking adorable

Perfect personalized wooden box for all those baby photos and keepsakes. I NEED THIS

These dolls kill me!! <3 And this one!

Amazon Handmade has launched! Love this tea towel and this leather keychain

Hyena with flower crown… totally diggin’ it


Turn nightly bedtime battles into a loving and special end-of-day ritual with this book

News on the Net

Carolina flooding :(

Instagram turns 5… and damn, who run da world?! GIRLS (on instagram!)

Bring your facebook profile pic to life

Settlement with the Walter Scott case

Selena Gomez has Lupus… I had to google it

2 thoughts on “Friday Finds 10.9.15

  1. Elizabeth

    Wow, lupus is a tough diagnosis! Lucky for her that she was born in a generation with great drugs. the first 3 years are so hard with that type of diagnosis because you’re trying to figure out who the new you is. Major props to her for making it public! Where did you get hose pants for Leo? They look comfy and I’m having trouble finding jeans for my LO

    1. Kaylee Post author

      Ya, scary about lupus! I hope she does ok in the spotlight still, sounds like it could be rough! The pants are from Gap! Here’s the sweatpants link – They’re so comfy and go with a lot of things. I like sweats on babies, I haven’t put Leo in jeans yet!


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