Happy 2nd Birthday Ivy!

October 1, 2015


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Happy 2nd Birthday Ivy Rebecca!!

You are quite the smart little lady! You are adventurous, fun, independent, wild, and a pretty princess at heart :) We love you so much!  You are taking such good care of your little brother, always telling me when he needs something or “baby brother’s crying mama,” (as if I didn’t hear), and your hugs and kisses melt our hearts. Such a good big sister! I’m so proud of how you’ve grown and I hope you continue to be a mix of your sweet and spicy self!

We love you sooooo much!!!!!! Hugs and kisses!!!

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And of course the birthday girl had to have cupcakes for breakfast today, YUM.

Photo Oct 01, 9 51 57 AM

After cupcakes, we had Kindermusik, then went to open gym gymnastics, then lunch with Grandma Keating at Five Guys, and currently you’re singing to yourself in your crib, NOT SLEEPING (which is much too much of a habit lately.) And tonight we are going to Chuck-E-Cheese’s! We’ve never taken her there yet, I’m quite excited to see what she’ll be like!

And Mom bragging moment → look at this smart little girl singing her ABCs! A bit distracted but hey :) And I just love how she gives Leo his toy at the beginning :) SWOON

Hope you have a great birthday Ivy! We love you!

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