Hello September!

September 1, 2015


September! Good grief it’s practically fall! But quite excited about what’s coming ahead this month!

One. FALL. I feel like it’s been so hot and humid I am actually anxious for a little bit of cooler weather. And boots. Like these.

Two. PARTY PLANNING. Ivy’s 2nd birthday is October 1st! EEEEK! Last year I’m pretty sure I had her whole 1st birthday planned by now, and this birthday I’ve only just begun! I at least got the invites out. I went with a fairy theme because she loves anything girly and will LOVE to wear wings and use the wand! I’m liking this theme, a lot of cute ideas out there (follow my Pinterest board here). I’m taking advantage of picking out the theme while she’s too young to pick her own :)

Three. FOOTBALL. I love Sundays and lounging around with the game on eating snacks and chili (favorite recipe) and sipping on a beer. My favorite! Go Broncos! Love Peyton Manning.

Four. BABIES. My sister and my friend are both due with baby girls! I can’t wait!!! It’s my sister’s first baby so I am very very anxious for them!

Five. SPEECH. I made my high school’s Hall of Fame for athletics (I ran track and cross-country all through hs and college) and we have to give a speech during the induction! EEEK! The ceremony is October 3rd and I’m nervous already! I’ll need a month to prepare!

Six. MUSIC. Learning every single Elton John song so I can belt it out at his concert on October 2nd!!! “Hold me closer tiny dancer!” We have 15th row tix and I’m SO EXCITED. Elton John radio allllll day.

 Have a good week everybody! Hot and humid here! Indian summer till fall and cool hits. I’ll take one last splurge of a heat wave. Not quite ready for summer to be gone yet :/

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