Friday Finds 8.21.15

August 21, 2015

Hi friends! This week was rough for me, I got a bad cold with congestion and a fever, ugh! So I’m happy it’s FRIYAY and I’m feeling a bit better! The doctor said, “you’re probably a little run down with two kids under two,” ummmb, you think?! Ya, it can get crazy trying to keep up! Anyways, here are your Friday favorites!

News on the Net

Starbucks changing their pumpkin spiced latte?! Don’t worry, it sounds even better!

Keeping on Starbucks, you may be able to sip on a glass of wine with your coffee in the evenings. As if we needed any more reasons to love Starbucks… : /

I can’t believe there is a site out there like this. I’m calling this breach karma, bitches

Link Love

You know those days where you are just anxiously watching the clock waiting for bedtime to strike, yup, I had a couple of those this week while being sick – this post helped me wave my white flag and accept that sometimes there are “just too many damn hours in a day.”

Just found this food blog and OBSESSED. Pretty advanced, but just look at the pictures! Salivating ensued… especially when it comes to nachos

So I’ve been pronouncing all of these wrong

Remember how cool it was to pimp out your bike with accessories? Might go buy this bike just so I can do this. Loving #2, that vase!!! So cute.

You go girl. I certainly wasn’t doing this during labor.

Fashion Finds

Not gonna lie… still have eight pounds of baby to go. This flowy tunic is pretty dreamy and an extra 20% off with code SUMMERSKIES

Because everyone needs the perfect bootie… and “one for one,” yo

Flared denim is back for the fall! Brings me back to my high school days! Thesethese, and these are catching my eye

Loving seeing what all the kiddos are wearing in the first day of school pictures lately! This girl and boy back to school board were on point!

And if our kids were going to school, Ivy would be wearing this, and Leo would be wearing this. And both 40% off today only with code bday!

Have a good weekend everybody! Finally we get some sun around here again!

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