PUBLISHED! In Pregnancy and Newborn Magazine

July 13, 2015


Umb, AWESOME! I got published in a NATIONAL MAGAZINE! The Pregnancy and Newborn Magazine! Fanning myself for the moment!

Here’s the jist – I had submitted Ivy’s birth story last October and it had gotten published on the Pregnancy and Newborn website blog (see shortened post here or read the whole story on my blog here) in March. I thought that was pretty cool! And by the way, anyone can do this, they post a new birth story each week, so send yours in to!

magazine-4Well then after my story was published on their blog, I got an email from the associate editor asking for my permission to get it published in their July issue. Obvs I said yes and was ecstatic! So I couldn’t WAIT to see the magazine when it came in my mailbox. I’ve subscribed to this magazine since I was pregnant with Ivy, it really is a GREAT resource and has a ton of helpful information for parents and pregnant mamas. Get it if you don’t have it! (Subscribe here).

It came in the mail last week and I skipped right ahead to Ivy’s birth story page (p. 44) and THERE IT WAS! So cool. So cool!

On the other hand, it was a sad reminder of her NICU stay, but hopefully it reaches with other people who have had similar experiences, so I hope some people are able to relate to it!

Anyways, check out the magazine this month! On stands now! (Just had to insert the cheesy sales pitch, hehe)


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