Weekend Shenanigans with the Dads

June 24, 2015

We have been so busy! As if I didn’t expect that with two kids now, but we have been all over the place lately! No slowing down at all. We are adjusting to two, but it’s going very well. Leo is a really easy baby so far, just goes with the flow… and he has to to keep up with this family! This last weekend we took him to our cabin in Yankton on Friday, then headed north to Lake Madison to spend Father’s Day with John’s family. His sister’s kids, Anna and Nora, are in town and are having a BLAST with Ivy! It is so much fun to see her interact with other kids, I love it. She’s taking advantage of having them wrapped around her finger :) We also had a family wedding on Saturday so lots of relatives got to meet Leo and see Ivy again. It was a busy yet very very fun weekend! Action packed the rest of the summer!


She absolutely LOVES boating! Definitely Daddy’s girl


Love her to pieces!!! SMOOOOCH. All dressed up for the wedding // Ivy’s dress

FathersDayWeekendwithcousins-9 FathersDayWeekendwithcousins-10 FathersDayWeekendwithcousins-11

Anna and Nora doing Ivy’s toes and John’s toes – Happy Father’s Day! Haha


Chillin’ like a villain – look at those pipes! Baby fat… gah <3

FathersDayWeekendwithcousins-15 FathersDayWeekendwithcousins-16 FathersDayWeekendwithcousins-18

Leo’s onesie // blanket

And for those of you who were wondering, we made it to BOTH of our concerts! Since I had such a quick delivery, my recovery was just as fast! And Leo was perfectly healthy, so we were able to get out the next day, sort of felt like Princess Kate ;) Minus the stunning looks and barely there baby bump leaving the hospital. Nevertheless, we got out in time for Ed Sheeran the following day! AND we also got to go to Kenny Chesney last Thursday. Yahoo!! It was so much fun and it was just enough time to be away from him before rushing home to feed again. The hubs and I enjoyed a beer (or two, ok… three) together too, hooray!



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