The weekend before…

June 13, 2015

Ok, so YES, we had a baby. And I’ll get to that. BUT, the weekend before was so much fun that I couldn’t skip it! And there were some really great pictures, soooo, obvs had to include them. Plus, it was my birthday weekend and we had a few friends at our cabin in Yankton. Beach and boating were highlights. Oh, and ice cream :) SAYONARA MATERNITY SWIMSUIT!!

June6weekendmin-13ikat maternity swimsuit // toddler swimsuit // men’s swimsuit


I just can’t help but look at her cute tush in that suit! Good thing her buddy Bear is too into his sand ;)


It was Quinn’s first time to the sand and she was a natural! She dug right in! Go Quinn!


The girls and their daddies. Who is loving this beach thing more?! :)


Matt and Marie and little Quinn


Ivy’s first time tubing!!! She loved it! Big Mable tube


Summer favorite – hard ice cream in a cake cone! RAINBOW SHERBERT ALL DAY


My little explorer. She’s discovered the weeds that you blow and all the fluff comes off – she couldn’t stop picking them. She’s for hire, folks! ;)

EEEEK! And then the next day I had a baby! CRAZY! We barely made it back from Yankton Monday morning before he was born! It’s so bizarre to me that one day you’re big and pregnant and the next day you have a teeny baby. Humans are so interesting! Koch party of four now –  WHEW!

To be continued… I’m busy snuggling Leo xxoo

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