Ivy// 20 Months

June 2, 2015

Ivy is 20 months old! EEEK! So close to 2 it’s kinda scary. These last couple weeks have been so fabulous with her. I’m loving getting to be with her every day. Although she has gotten rotavirus and twisted her elbow with nursemaid’s elbow since in my full time care (GASP), I think I can get the hang of this.

She is SO much fun to be around lately! She says two or three words together often and it’s so fun to communicate with her. My favorite is her “here you go mama” or “thank you mama,” I love her sweet manners and we are working hard on please and thank you instead of outbursts like “MICKEY NOW!!!!” “No Ivy, what’s the right way to say it?” Then she’ll quietly and politely say “Mickey please,” or “peas” is more what it sounds like :) She is understanding almost everything we say, quite incredible. I love talking with her and she talks ALL DAY LONG. Goodness this girl can chat! I love it though. Except when she says it over and over and over and over again until I acknowledge what she’s saying :) But, I really am loving this stage (don’t we say that at every stage?!). The communication, the talking, the understanding, the exploring, the love, the independence, she is a walking talking little human, pretty awesome :)

I recently bought her a couple shape sorting apps and puzzles on the ipad and she can ACTUALLY drag the pieces to where they belong, like WHAAAAAT. These kids and their technology! Whoa! Amazing what they can pick up through observing, talk about having to set a good example for them! EEEK!

Ivy19monthsmin-25 Ivy19monthsmin-20 Ivy19monthsmin-18 Ivy19monthsmin-16

Watermelon dress // Pink Toms // Hair Bow // Denim Shorts // Birkenstocks // Gray Crop Top

Ivy20monthsmin-4 Ivy20monthsmin-8

She loves Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood and saw this Trolley and was SO excited to ride it!


These are the last couple of weeks (hopefully he doesn’t come early!!) with her alone… tears. I am anxious for baby brother, but it sure is fun with her right now and I’m soaking it up! She will be a great little helper. Love you Ivy!


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