Oh ya, I’m pregnant

May 4, 2015

So I’m one of those pregnant girls that you probably despise. The one that doesn’t get nausea or exhaustion or food cravings. Ya, one of those. But to soften the blow, I don’t get all the good with pregnancy either. That glowing skin and long, full shiny hair, and any craving would sure be nice about right now. And what is it with that theory that if it’s a different gender you have a different pregnancy?! How many times have you heard that! Well, not here, nope. Same exact pregnancy as last time with my baby girl Ivy. I’ll sure take it though, indeed, I enjoy pregnancy and have it pretty easy, thankfully. I especially love the kicks and baby belly (when it’s the cute 25-35 week belly, not the 40 week belly, oh god. Or that 12-15 week blubber belly either. Ugh).

I am on week 33/40+- of pregnancy, in my third trimester. And this time around, pregnancy is so different in my head and heart. I did this post at the beginning of my pregnancy, and I can say now, that pregnancy with baby number two is still quite different. Your first pregnancy is a sort of fairy tale, it’s all magical, those first kicks (huge excitement!!), and with everything being so new and fun and everything you have to learn and experience. I kind of miss that. The second time around, you’re just…pregnant. I had exhausted every book, app, and birthing class I could have on the first time around. And this time? I’m just hangin’ in there, occasionally forgetting I have a human growing inside of me, just going with the flow. I’m just…. pregnant.


Crib sheet fabric then custom made by Iviebaby // tomahawk blanket

I kind of miss all the magic. I was so caught up in it all the first time, everything was so exciting. Now, it goes by so fast and I certainly thank the pregnancy app for reminding me how many weeks I am each week. But it’s kind of nice just enjoying the pregnancy this time! Instead of getting so worked up about everything along with being pregnant, I’m much more calm about everything this time and just enjoy it day by day. And, I may or may not have had a little glass of wine here or there :)

For me on this second pregnancy, it has taken a little longer to get attached to the baby. I was in loooooooove with Ivy the second I saw that little plus sign on the pregnancy test, and this time, well this baby isn’t so “screwed” after all. I have fallen head over heels for this baby boy in my belly (why do I get a picture of Fat Bastard from Austin Powers in my head whenever I say belly…: / ). I can’t WAIT to meet him  and I have so many hopes and wishes of what he may be like. The attachment has flourished and grown, and in fact, by golly, there is room in my heart for another little human being. It just took a little longer :)


Arrow Bracelet // Fingernail Polish // Ring

One positive for me this pregnancy has been embracing the maternity clothes! With Ivy, I just tried to squeeze into long wife beater tanks from Target and every maxi skirt I could find. Not to mention every pair of “give up sweats” that were out there. I was PREGNANT, wasn’t that an excuse?! Or so I made it one. This time, I had a goal of actually trying to look good, and shower, and do my hair, and still take care of myself. Let’s face it, they make maternity clothes for a reason, a big ass belly just CANNOT fit into your normal clothes sometimes! I just bought these cute H&M denim shorts, but aren’t these adorable too! Love the pattern! And they look really comfortable. These floral shorts with lace trim are to die for too. I am so excited to wear SHORTS! I love summer! Sooo, I’ve been trying harder, and it actually makes me feel more confident when you feel so ugly during pregnancy sometimes. We can rock this (gigantic) baby belly!

So if you’re in your second pregnancy too, you know how it is… These two posts, here and here, are hilarious stories about the differences between your first and second pregnancy, and yep. I chuckled because just about every one of them is true!



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