First time to the CIRCUS!

April 27, 2015


Confession – I secretly live vicariously through my daughter

I love to do kid stuff!!!! And I can’t even begin to tell you, how excited I was to go to the CIRCUS! It was Ivy’s first time and I haven’t been since I was a little kid (bc it’s like, sooo uncool to go as an adult without kids), so I was VERY anxious to go! I had bought tickets the day they went on sale and requested front row (crazy mom), haha! I knew that would keep Ivy’s attention if we were right in the action, and I may or may not have done it for my own well being also :) But let me tell you, we had the best seats and it was so worth it! Ivy (and I) loved every second of it! Even John had fun!


We started with getting cotton candy (let’s face it, this was for me) and a toy for Ivy. I am a cotton candy junkie and basically ate the entire bag when Ivy decided she didn’t like the sticky on her hand. I didn’t complain… more for me! Later, we indulged in some circus dogs, popcorn, and a snow cone. YUM! Heaven! Junk food = HAPPY.

And the toy was a lifesaver! She loved to wave it around and how it lit up and flashed different colors. She held it the entire time! Got every penny out of that $2 toy!

Circus2015min-3 Circus2015min-4

Seriously contemplating getting a second bag


Junk food junkie (like her Mom)

And of COURSE it wouldn’t be the complete circus experience without an animal ride! We decided to go with the pony ride since she’s a little too little for the camels or elephants still. She loved it! I was envious… can a huge pregnant lady get a ride too? Wouldn’t that be a sight?!


We visited the camels and elephants too, her favorite was the camel!


Denim top, striped leggings, glitter Toms


Well, the circus was just as fun as I remember as a child. I love making these memories as a family and sharing the fun times with Ivy. And next year, we will have TWO kids at the circus! Whew!


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