Easter Weekend

April 6, 2015

EasterSunday2015-4-min-min Easter was just magnificent this year! We had so much fun celebrating with Ivy and cousins in town. I loved having all the little kids running around! It was especially fun seeing Ivy dig into her Easter basket and go on egg hunts to fill up her basket :)

The weekend was a long one with Friday and Monday off, so we indulged in fun each day. Ivy’s cousins, Anna and Nora were in town visiting from Wisconsin, and it was SO much fun (but busy!) with the three girls together. Anna was especially smitten and had babysitter mode in full time. She really took care of Ivy, it was soooo sweet.

Saturday started with Penn’s 1st birthday party. I can’t believe how fast these kids grow up!

Easter2015-14-min Easter2015-16-min



 Saturday afternoon we had playtime with the girls. Lots of sunshine and the bubbles were out!


Sunday morning began with church. I couldn’t wait to get Ivy in her Little Hip Squeaks dress and get her all cute! She loves dresses and skirts!

At church, they had little chicks at the front door and an Easter egg hunt afterwards. It was so cute to see Ivy pick up the eggs and put them in her basket! Except, once she found out there was CANDY inside, she about lost it! This girl definitely has the Koch sweet tooth!!

EasterSunday2015-1-min-min EasterSunday2015-6-min-min

I adore all of the fun colors the girls were wearing!

EasterSunday2015-11-min-min EasterSunday2015-17-min-minWe even got some gems for family photos :) Minus Ivy and her no smile. She says “cheeeese” but just says it, doesn’t get the whole smile thing that goes along with that… humph : /

EasterSunday2015-16-min-min EasterSunday2015-15-min-min

floral cardigan // pink pants // coral dress // white cardigan similar here & here // denim shirt

Later in the day, Ivy got to open her Easter basket (see what’s inside here)! I was excited for this because I LOVED getting Easter baskets as a kid! She was quite excited about Elmo! She’s obsessed with him lately so I knew she would love it. I adore how she says “Elmo” – even if she says it a million times a day :)

EasterSunday2015min-27-min EasterSunday2015min-32-min EasterSunday2015min-46 2-min

We had family over for dinner and it was a glorious afternoon! Warm and sunny! The girls got to run around and play some more and had a second Easter egg hunt. CANDY OVERLOAD


“Heaby, heaby”  – too many eggs! Heavy for this chick!


Ivy’s look is known as the “Koch look…” BLANK STARE. Ha

EasterSunday2015min-43-min EasterSunday2015min-39-min

Anna, such a good big cousin! xoxoxo

Whew! Easter weekend was so busy and so much fun! Always nice to get together with family and cousins, it doesn’t happen enough! John and I were absolutely pooped by the end of the night – called for some relaxation and a fire and to actually pay attention to those baby kicks for a few moments… Ahhhhhhh :)


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