Minneapolis Weekend

March 23, 2015

Minne Trip-15

This past weekend, John and I left little Ivy behind with Emmie and Papa Koch to head to Minneapolis for a much needed shopping trip. The grandparents couldn’t wait for a sleepover with Ivy and I couldn’t wait to get a lone weekend with the hubs, have some delicious food and nice dates, and buy some things for the nursery, AND myself! So we kissed Ivy goodbye and packed our wallets!

The dresser I wanted from Ikea showed there were only 2 in stock! EEEEK! So we went right away Friday night when we got there and thankfully we did because we got the last one! FEWF! I love the look of the birch and white, perfecto. We also picked up a white nightstand for the nursery and found a few other things for the house because who can really walk out of Ikea with only two things. Ugh. One thing checked off the list, now on to dinner, which I was SO excited for!

We spent the evening at Spoon and Stable, one of Minneapolis’s new restaurants for fine dining. And it was superb! We love sitting at the bar, so we bellied up, and took in beautiful restaurant. I was obsessed! The white was gorgeous and it was in fact an old stable, hence the name, but it was remodeled so exquisitely. I love all of the historic buildings in downtown Minneapolis, some of the coolest spots I’ve ever seen. The bartender shook up a fabulous mocktail of ginger beer (found out ginger beer is not actually alcoholic, sort of like root beer, duuuhhhh), grapefruit juice, and lime juice for me, and John and I said cheers to a so far successful trip and weekend alone! We had some i n c r e d i b l e food that had the best presentation. MMM. We had duck sliders (holy quack), french fries, scallop carpaccio (award winning), chilled lobster, pasta, and apple crisp for dessert. O M F G. My mouth is still salivating.

Minne Trip-8 Minne Trip-5 Minne Trip-9 Minne Trip-10 Minne Trip-11 Minne Trip-12

The next morning, we woke up talking about what the hell happened to Paris Hilton (we were staying at the Hilton), caught up on some news, John got a nice run by the river (I was jealous), and pretty soon we headed out on the town again. We wandered over to the Warehouse District and had breakfast at Moose and Sadie’s. Delicious (again!).

Minne Trip-14

There were quite a few shops around our breakfast spot, so we hit a few of them. Our favorite – Askov Finlayson. It was the perfect mix of outdoor gear, clothing, and just all around cool stuff. John went wild in there because that is his perfect mix of store! We found baby boy a rad paddle for the nursery and some funky towels for the beach.

Minne Trip-17 Minne Trip-18

Next, I just HAD to go to H&M for some maternity clothes, so we reluctantly made the drive to the Mall of America (John was NOT excited). I found myself some clothes – these jeans, (I wanted these too but they didn’t have them), this crop top (I think crop tops will be cute with a long tank underneath! Pop that baby belly out!), and basically every single color in this long tank bc I live in long tanks while pregnant. I really wanted these yellow flats, but I had outdone myself with nursery stuff and H&M :(

Later in the evening, we met my friends Tori and Gina and her husband Ben for dinner at Hola Arepa and had some delicious Mexican! Again, I scored an amazing mocktail and had an overfilled and satisfied belly.


All too fast, our trip came to an end, but we got so much done! Meanwhile, Ivy was back with the grandparents and having fun playing dress up and reading the morning paper with Papa :)

Minne Trip-1 Minne Trip-4 Minne Trip-21 Minne Trip-22

Now to put everything together – Ikea, curse you!!! But thank you for being cheap :) We got the dresser and nightstand together, now the room is finally getting somewhere…

Minne Trip-28

crib // plus sign curtains // triangle lamp // nightstand // dresser // rug // ottoman // paddle // triangle pillow (found at Zing sale) // lightning rod pillow (also found at Zing sale) // LWPH tomahawk blanket // black and white blanket //  evergreen tree blanket //

 Overall, the nursery is getting along great! Crib sheet and changing pad cover arrive in 2 weeks from Iviebaby! Can’t WAIT! And now in need of some wall decor.  John says it is his favorite room in the house… Yay :) #success


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