10 Reasons Why I Love Spring

March 20, 2015


HELLO FIRST DAY OF SPRING! I have really been looking forward to you!

Here’s an ode to the loveliest season of the year with 10 Reasons Why I Love Spring

1. Weather – Oh hello sun, nice to see you again – No more bitter cold! I love the warmth of the sun and the 60 degree weather feeling like it’s 80 because you haven’t felt the sun’s heat in so long. It brings smiles to everyone’s faces and gets rid of those darn winter blues. I love the nice pleasant weather before all the bugs and humidity come. Those warm days are lovely and the cool nights are just perfect for a bonfire.

2. Vampires beware – Sunlight, sunlight, and more sunlight – Daylight savings time is in full effect and we couldn’t be more appreciative. Waking up to the sun rising in the morning makes it so much more enjoyable crawling out of bed than in the pitch dark of winter. Once you get your kids adjusted to the change (I should have bought black-out curtains), which can be tough on everyone, I say, so long SAD DARK MORNINGS AND NIGHTS and HELLO HAPPY HOUR.


3. Patios, bbqs, and music, hell ya – There’s nothing more enjoyable than a nice spring day, sitting outside on the patio with some tunes on, sipping on a refreshing cool beverage, and grilling up a big juicy burger while the kids run around in the backyard. I look forward to patio weather and grilling every spring! And not to mention, happy hours on a restaurant patio are like the BEST thing ever. For music, summer concert tours get announced, tickets get bought, and those songs that just can’t get out of your head get released. I wonder what song will be the song of the spring? Last spring, it was “Happy” by Pharell, and my gaaawwwd, that was the best song ever!!! My favorite song for spring right now is “Sugar” by Maroon 5! “Suuuugar, so sweet,” …a definite sing along! Which song do you think will be the song of the spring? Look here for Billboard’s 10 potential smashes and comment below!

4. Waking up out of hibernation – The great outdoors – Finally, we can get outside! Outdoor workouts are bearable again and no more hibernating! Long walks, jogging, and/or bike riding, spring is the season to get outside after the tough winter months and gaining 10 pounds. For the kids, parks and the zoo are highlights of spring. Anything to run off that energy! Plus, what is better than cruising in your car jamming out to some tunes with the windows down?! Spring is here, and I do ANYTHING to enjoy some fresh air!

Spring-1 Spring-13

5. Flowers, grass, and rain, oh my! – Flowers and grass are here again! No more blah and brown. Ahhh, I can smell it already, the blooming flowers, the green fresh cut grass, the pure rain, those pleasant spring smells are some of the best. The freshly bloomed beautiful flowers lining the streets and peeking out of the grass make us all giddy inside. Thanks to spring showers, the vibrant flowers make their much needed appearance after the dormant winter. I hope my peonies survived! FAVORITE flower!

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6. Show that skin baby!!! Spring clothes – No more winter coats! I love being able to walk out of the house without bundling up in all that annoying winter gear. Spring means color again with pretty pastels and bright hues! I love spring clothes, denim jeans and cool tees for guys, and long flowy dresses (this dress for my maternity self, and this dress for my normal bod) with a cardigan (like this one or this one) or chic spring jacket (denim!) for girls. Plus flip flops and sandals (strappy Birkenstocks)! Although the first time wearing flip flops is painful, it is definitely worth the pain and blisters! Spring is the start of finally getting to show some skin again. Let it breathe baby! And bring on the pedicures! (Click here for Spring’s prettiest nail polish colors)

Keep your eyes on these trendy items to get your wardrobe changed.

7. Fresh farmer’s market food – Get rid of the hearty soups and beef dishes that offer us comfort in the winter, spring food is all about vibrant colors and light foods! I LOVE salads and there is nothing better than a vibrant spring salad with fresh crunchy veggies and/or sweet fruits on it. And, farmer’s markets start up again! May brings the first produce out and I absolutely love going to pick out the produce I want for the week. Something about getting it straight from your local farmer… peace be with you.

8. What’s on tap? 2fers you say? I’ll take it –  Spring drinks – Just like food, throw out the hoppy winter beers and the dark red merlots, and exchange that for a light beer (Summer Shandy is on tap again!!!), a refreshing pinot grigio, a tart lemonade, or a minty mojito with fresh mint leaves. What’s your spring favorite drink? Cheers, mate!

9. Tweet tweet, tweet tweet – Baby animals – I just LOVE the new baby animals everywhere! The little baby birds, baby bunnies, and all of the new baby farm animals! Last year we went to Springtime in the Country (see that post here) and it was so much fun for Ivy to see all the adorable baby animals. Even though those bird nests are a menace, I sure love to see the little babies stick their heads when momma bird comes with their food. Gah! Another fun outdoor event with animals is the Animals on the Amphitheater, which is every first Friday of the months of May – September. The zoo brings different animals to view and teach kids about. Plus, it’s right on the river greenway of the bike trail, so then you can walk around downtown or ride your bike on the trail afterwards!


10. Season love – And the last reason I love spring, is because the next season is summer! BOOM.


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