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March 1, 2015

Ivy 17 months-9

Ivy is grow grow grooooowing. She is 17 months today and amazes me each day. She says or tries to say every word you ask her too. It is so impressive! She even squeals a bunch of animal noises that are too cute to handle. My favorite is her sheep, “baaaaa,” I just die each time. And the owl hoo is pretty darn adorable too.

Ivy 17 months-5

 Ivy has gotten into cartoons lately. Curious George, Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood, and Calliou are her favorites. We got her this chair and she is obsessed. I love how she scoots back into it to sit down. GAH.

Ivy 17 months-13

Ivy is so curious! Her favorite is to read a book and to learn new things. Grandmas say she is so smart! :)  She could read books ALL DAY LONG.

Ivy 17 months-15

 I think we have quite the girly girl on our hands too. She LOVES hats and shoes and recently got her toenails painted by Grandma Emmie! Emmie’s favorite is to take her to visit the butterfly house. She says Ivy really likes the fish!

Ivy toes and butterfy

I can tell she will be a good big sister. She has begun to really love her babydolls and always makes sure they have a blankie, just like she does. It’s so sweet how she lays them down all over the floor, all on a blanket! She loves to play with them.

Ivy 17 months-39

Here are some more snippets of Ivy lately

Ivy 17 months collage

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