Those baby kicks

January 9, 2015

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Knowing there is a baby growing inside of you is one thing, but once you can actually FEEL that baby kicking inside of you , now that’s the best thing about pregnancy.

I am 17 weeks right now and have been feeling those much awaited for teeny little baby kicks for about a week. IT’S THE BEST. I have waited for this since peeing on that stick. It’s one of the things I absolutely loved when I was pregnant with Ivy. Seeing her hand, leg, arm, butt, well actually, whatever unrecognizable body part it was moving across my huge stomach, was utterly amazing. Like, YEP, I have a BABY in there (shocker). However uncomfortable it was when jabbing a rib or pushing on your bladder to make you pee 10 million times in a day, it was still reassuring that baby was alive and active. And to imagine what she was doing in there?! So cool. God I love science.

Now, I am still absolutely loving those teeny little baby kicks. But this time around, I’m all like, analytical about it. Like, oh s**t, baby is kicking and it’s midnight. Does this mean this baby will be a night owl? Does this mean it will have its days and nights mixed up? Does this mean that I won’t get any sleep at nights? Does this mean that I’m ridiculous about trying to figure out my baby’s patterns already? (Hopefully not all yes answers in there)

Good grief…

Excuse me while I go attempt to sleep train my unborn child :/


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