Ivy is ready for Christmas!

December 12, 2014

Ivy at Christmas, well DUH. I’m just really excited about it. Something about celebrating the holidays with kids and babies who still believe in Santa Claus and have tons of Christmas joy makes it extra special. Last year she was barely three months old so I’m pretty sure all she acknowledged were the glowing lights. But this year, we are all ready to be full of Christmas cheer! Grandma Caleen got her a My Little Pony ornament that she LOOOOVES and Grandma Betsy has all the Christmas props, including a whole Santa suit! Do you think I can get John to wear it for the holiday?! :) Ha!

Ivy is obsessed with her Santa hat! Now, how will she react when she sees Santa tomorrow… EEEEE, can’t wait!

Christmas Decor-62 Christmas Decor-64 Christmas Decor-63 Christmas Decor-68


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