Our home at Christmas

December 10, 2014

A home at Christmas is one of the best times of the year. I love all of the red and green decorations, the smell of fresh pine from the dazzling Christmas tree, and the happy memories that Christmas brings back from childhood. Last year, we had just moved into our house a week before Christmas, so we barely even decorated, but THIS year, I was very excited to finally get our own home to decorate and involve Ivy in making everlasting memories.

One of my favorites is decorating the tree. I could hardly wait to have Ivy help! I love getting out our ornaments that we have collected over the years and the ones our parents have given us from when we were babies and children. In fact, we have John’s little baby ornament from his birth year! Also, I love seeing the pictures that are in some of the ornaments. Our wedding photo, our childhood pictures from ornaments we made in elementary school (haha, those are the best, such good art…hehe), and pictures of Ivy from her first Christmas last year.

Indeed, Christmas is the best time of year, and this one is surely to be no different – full of new memories, happiness, and love. Now where’s that mistletoe…? :)

Christmas Decor-8 Christmas Decor-5 Christmas Decor-6 Christmas Decor-15 Christmas Decor-11 Christmas Decor-20 Christmas Decor-23 Christmas Decor-28 Christmas Decor-31 Christmas Decor-57 Christmas Decor-33

Christmas Decor-1-3 Christmas Decor-36 Christmas Decor-37

 Ivy’s current status

Christmas Decor-59

Obvs, it’s a good start. I’m anxious to build my Christmas collection over the years. Can you imagine all the goods we will have when we’re 50!? Until then… check out some of these for some seriously spectacular decorations – I love these farmhouse and log cabin homes at Christmas! To die for!!!!


Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! It’s almost here!

Love, John, Kaylee, and Ivy

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