First Birthday Favorites

October 17, 2014

1st Birthday Products

Ivy just had her first birthday party and got all sorts of fun presents to play with!

Here are her TOP 10 favorites

1// Animal Books – Ivy loves anything animal right now and she loves reading so I made sure to get her a bunch of animal books. The You Are My Baby books (and there are a ton to choose from! You are My Baby: ocean, garden, farm, pets, to name a few)  are to die for! They have a little book within the book where they show the baby animal and it is easy for the kids to turn the pages themselves. Also, the First 100 Animals book has 100 pictures of animals! YAH. The Touch and Feel Farm book is fun to feel the furry creatures! And the Dear Zoo book is a lift-the-flap book and we have a blast turning the flap and peeking in the cage to see what animal is hiding.

2// Radio Flyer Red Wagon – A must have. It brings back childhood memories of our vintage red wagon. And it is so fun to have friends ride in it too! We love taking it around the neighborhood. She likes it more than her stroller!

3// Shape Sorter – Ok, not old enough yet to actually match up the shapes. But Ivy loves to put the shapes into the sorter (with help!). And she can actually get them in there. EEEE! PROUD MOM MOMENT :)

4// Outdoor Chair – You can get this chair in several different funky animals which makes it fun to get a few. Ivy loves it! Even has a cup holder and folds up easily.

5// Slide – MUST. CLIMB. ON. EVERYTHING. Get them a slide. Badabing.

6// Y Bike – Hilarious to see her scooting around our main floor on it. She can easily get on and off of it and ride it around the whole house. Loves it! Can also be used as a walker :)

7// Freshly Picked Moccasins – SPLURGE item. But I simply couldn’t resist when those denim mocs were launched. SWOON.

8// Toddler Music Band – All kids like to make noise! And this one is no joke. It comes with a whole band set of musical instruments including an xylophone, sea drum, and three musical shapes with bells and beads

9// Dump Truck – I’m all about girls being tomboys and doing boy things (read here), so I loved when Ivy got a dump truck! She loves to put in shapes and other things in it and dumping them out. She laughs each time!

10// Stacking Blocks – These Melissa and Doug stacking and nesting blocks are so much fun! They are great for all ages.



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