A Day at the Apple Orchard

September 21, 2014

The beginning of fall is one of the best times of the year. And today was Just perfect outside as the fam loaded up in the Jeep to the Country Apple Orchard for the Apple Festival. I remember last year, I was super pregnant, just a week and a half from delivering Ivy, so today was a bit more enjoyable :) And even better, I had my own child now to join in on all of the fun family activities! We met our friends Andrew and Erin and their daughter Natalie there and Grandma Betsy even tagged along.

After picking a whole bag of apples, I’m already drooling over some apple crisp. I request double crisp topping for me, please. Nom nom.

Apple Orchard-3 Apple Orchard-8

rows and rows of ripe red apples

Apple Orchard-4

Natalie and Ivy

Apple Orchard-35

So festive with her apple shirt! Cutie Natalie

Apple Orchard-32

Chomping away on a tasty apple

Apple Orchard-17

Walking through the orchard

Apple Orchard-19 Apple Orchard-25

Apple Orchard-29

Sweet as apple pie

Apple Orchard-10

Grandma Betsy

Apple Orchard-38

Ivy’s favorite book right now is Clifford’s Animal Sounds and she is obsessed with animals. So she was REALLY excited to see chickens, goats, donkeys, and we even had her ride the little ponies :) She loved it.

Apple Orchard-47 Apple Orchard-75

So funny. When the horse would shake its head, Ivy would too. Gah!

Apple Orchard-79 Apple Orchard-64

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