10 months

August 1, 2014

Double digits. Double. 10 months. Too close to 12 months for me. 1 year is looming in the background.  And that’s just too grown up for me. I feel like I always say this, but THIS is my favorite age. If I could do a little hocus pocus and make a potion to keep her just like this right now, I would. A baby ya ya, is so sweet, but this personality that Ivy has now is just hilarious. Laughing at herself, making funny noises, trying to copy us, being silly, all just too funny. My days are spent giggling with her and making faces at each other. She tries to copy me and it’s hysterical watching her try to do it. She really thinks she’s funny and is constantly laughing at herself and the funny noises she makes. I love it.

The days are limited before school starts again :( I’m soaking up every last second with her.

I just cannot get enough of this girl. Really. Love you baby.

Ivy 10 months-30

j u s t     c a n ‘ t     g e t     e n o u g h

Ivy 10 months-32

My sweet baaaaby xxoo

Ivy 10 months-28 Ivy 10 months-27

Ivy 10 months-1 Ivy 10 months-4

Call me GG. Goofy Gurl.

Ivy 10 months-11 Ivy 10 months-15 Ivy 10 months-16 Ivy 10 months-19

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