4th of July

July 7, 2014

4th of July 2014-75

4th of July is a holiday of celebration! The sparkling fireworks, waves and boating, bright sunshine, hot weather, sizzling grilling, juicy burgers, and cold beers. Summer at its best. This year, my sister Jillian and her husband Brian made the trip from Indianapolis to visit and have some family time. Also, my aunt Teresa from California made it and my friend Shannon came down for the weekend! We headed down to Yankton and Cedar Ridge Hideaway (our cabin) for the festivities. Like my man Zac Brown sang, “I got my toes in the water, ass in the sand, not a worry in the world, a cold beer in my hand, life is good today, life is good today.”

Our 4th of July in photos


4th of July 2014-11

Brian and Jillian

4th of July 2014-12

The hubs and I

4th of July 2014-13

Stuffed after smoked ribs on the patio


4th of July 2014-16

We made it to Yankton in the Jeep! Maui Mat is on and we are ready for the lake!

4th of July 2014-18

Lewis and Clark Beach in Yankton

4th of July 2014-19 4th of July 2014-26 4th of July 2014-31 4th of July 2014-35

I must have told her something she didn’t want to hear. Oops. How many times will I be getting THAT glare in my lifetime? ;)

4th of July 2014-39

Uncle Joe just LOVES Ivy. He took her for a walk to show her the beach, sand, and waves

4th of July 2014-42

Daddy took her for a swim in the lake

4th of July 2014-61

Lifeguard on duty

4th of July 2014-49

Toes in the water, ass in the sand

4th of July 2014-54

Epitome of vacation

4th of July 2014-55

Delicious ribeye dinner!

4th of July 2014-56

Bloody Mary’s. Bada-bing!

Friday: 4th of July!!!!

4th of July 2014-64

4th of July 2014-65 4th of July 2014-68 4th of July 2014-71

Gettin’ cray cray

4th of July 2014-73

Aye aye, captain Ivy

4th of July 2014-84

America, you’ve been good to me. xxoo


4th of July 2014-89 4th of July 2014-91

My little sailor

4th of July 2014-94

Ivy loved crawling all over the Maui Mat

4th of July 2014-98

Deciding which boat she can commandeer

4th of July 2014-100

Thank Jillian and Brian for making the trip! Sure was fun – love you guys!

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