9 months

July 1, 2014

Today, Ivy is 9 months old. 9 months in, now 9 months out. Goodness. Cliché, but, time really does fly by. It took 9 months to make this little pipsqueak, and now she’s 9 months old! 9 months in this crazy world. How much she has learned, and grown, and everything she has been through already, all in 9 months. Incredible. Keep chuggin’ little girl.

Ivy is 28.5 inches long (83%) and 18lb, 8.7 oz (58%)

Each month is a new milestone, and this month, THIS month, there were some big ones. She started a lot of these at the beginning of 8 months, but by now, she’s a PRO.

CRAWLING. She began crawling at the end of last month and by now she is a speedster! Cruising everywhere, she’s soo funny. Her favorite is to crawl all over the couch like a reckless little bandit. Now, we REALLY can’t take our eyes of her. Into everything. And, I realized how many gajillion outlets we have in our house – safety first!

Pulling herself up. She is able to pull herself up on just about anything. She can even use just one hand. I can definitely tell she is pretty agile and coordinated, so that’s a good sign! Would love a stud athlete in her! She loves being able to stand at her new play table and peek over the couch or coffee table at us. I will have to say, it’s pretty dang cute when I walk into her bedroom and she’s standing up in her crib with her arms out to get picked up. AWE :) Sure, babbbbyyyy xxoo.

4 teeth. Her top two teeth came in at the end of last month and by now are getting bigger and bigger. Aaaaannnddd, well, there is a bit of a space inbetween the top two. Michael Strahan style. Maybe they’ll grow together once the others come in, but right now, it’s pretty hilarious. She’s really actually using her teeth too when she eats. She is able to rip at her foods now. Viscious. Oh, and that grinding… eeeeek.

Reading, well sort of. FINALLY she will ACTUALLY sit and read a book with me! She was always just grabbing the book and wouldn’t sit or look or listen. So now we are having a ton of fun reading together and looking at the pictures.  She loves to grab books off of the cart next to her chair.

Other talents consist of clapping (she loves clapping toys together to make a lot of racket!), shaking her head (hysterical), lots of baby babble (EEEEE, the cutest), and saying Momma and Dadda! Music to my ears! Momma came first (SWOON) and she says Momma more than Dadda, but who’s counting :) Hehe.

Ivy June 8 months-50

She loves the pool and water

Ivy June 8 months-53 Ivy June 8 months-55

Look at this big girl all proud of herself! This picture makes her look like she’s 9 years old!

Ivy June 8 months-56

Ivy June 8 months-28


Ivy June 8 months-33 Ivy June 8 months-38

Ivy June 8 months-41

7 thoughts on “9 months

  1. Natalie's Mommy

    Happy 9 months Ivy!! You’re a lucky little lady & Natalie is happy to have you as her bestie!! Happy 4th!

  2. Joseph Keating

    Geesh she’s cute, 9 months it seems like she’s growing so fast. Pretty soon she’ll be in college :)

  3. Catheryn Keating

    The little lamb is growing up fast. I cannot believe it has already been 9 months. Keep an eye on that speedster- she’ll be speeding her way to kindergarten next.


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