Camp Koch at the lake

June 19, 2014

Camp Koch. Camp? Well not what you’re thinking. I’m not getting Ivy into training for “How to be a Koch.” (What would that be like, by the way…) Rather, Camp Koch is a serene lake retreat getaway at Lake Madison with enough waterfront beach property to fit all of the Kardashians. The lake cabin is right at the tip of Peninsula Point so they are lucky to have beach on both sides of their property. The beach is one thing, but then they have the most quaint little cabin that is just perfect and snug for when you have to get indoors. Which in our case, was ALL day on Saturday :( It was 60’s, rainy, and cloudy, so we were locked inside. Nonetheless, we were happy to start a cozy wood-burning fire and relax. Thankfully, Sunday was spectacular, so we rushed outside to show Ivy what Camp Koch was all about. I can’t wait for her to be running around here swimming and jumping off the dock! What a perfect place for a kid to go in the summer, she’s so lucky. Thank you Emmie and Papa!

So here I was, with the in-laws (John was in Vegas, WHAT), just eating, laughing, playing, and watching Ivy enjoy her first time at Camp Koch.

Ivy Lake Madison-47 Ivy Lake Madison-36

Ivy Lake Madison-40 Ivy Lake Madison-44

Don’t worry, Grandma was right behind her!

Ivy Lake Madison-32

Sundays with Grandma

Ivy Lake Madison-29

What’s this lake thing, Mom?

Ivy Lake Madison-25

Precious morning snuggles with Papa

Ivy Lake Madison-12

Fireside playtime with Emmie

Ivy Lake Madison-52

Camp Koch Cabin

Ivy Lake Madison-11 Ivy Lake Madison-9 Ivy Lake Madison-53

3 thoughts on “Camp Koch at the lake

    1. Kaylee Koch

      John hopes so! He can hardly WAIT to get her on the water! Now let’s just hope she’s athletic :)


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