30 ain’t so bad

June 8, 2014

So, today is my birthday. I’m 30. 3 decades old. That sounds WAY too old for my mind. The question I got a million times, “how does it feel to be 30?!” Well, not much different, so far. Today, John, Ivy, and I were soaking in the hottub, and I looked out at my husband and baby girl as they were playing and smiling at each other and couldn’t help but grin from ear to ear. If this is what 3o is, it ain’t so bad at all. A husband that is caring, kind, loving, and so damn funny, and a baby girl that is curious, smart, cute, and also so damn funny, well, it just all makes me smile. I’d say my life isn’t so bad for 30. It’s sort of the age that you are just finally stable in your life. Stable with my family, friends, career, and mind. Like John and I were saying, the 30’s are where you just hit cruise control. All the mess and irresponsibility and passion and change and growth of my 20’s, is what led me to today. My 30’s. Pretty good, man, pretty good.

We celebrated my birthday yesterday with a big birthday bash! We always try to have a summer backyard shenanigan, so paired with my birthday was perfect. This party just made me laugh!!! We borrowed a friend’s bounce house and the kids just LOVED it. Looking out in the yard and seeing all these kids run around like crazy and babies playing on the blanket in the grass, just made me chuckle. Oh how the parties have changed :) But, I was glad I had my own little baby Ivy out there in the mix, playing with the other babies and watching the chaos around her. I love being able to get her in to social settings. All of our friends came and celebrated and we enjoyed good food, good beer, and good company. So, I just sat back as the sun peaked through the clouds, watched the party around me, cracked my refreshing Summer Shandy, and enjoyed being 30 :) Cheers…


Smoking 2 10 pound pork butts for the party! Rub is on, hickory chips are in, git it!


 Corona cooler is packed with plenty of beer! Glad people showed up or John and I would have been quite intoxicated.

Kaylee30-27 Kaylee30-28 Kaylee30-13 Kaylee30-17

MMMM, red velvet cake from Queen City Bakery. Hubby nailed that order!

Processed with VSCOcam with c2 preset Kaylee30-10 Kaylee30-14 Kaylee30-22 Kaylee30-29 Kaylee30-21

Ivy and Ben acting really interested in each other :)


The girls! Jenna is the next 30 year old weasel!


Ivy’s BFF Natalie and her daddy Andrew


Mom’s 30! She liked the balloons. I just noticed they match her Bison Booties!

Processed with VSCOcam with c2 preset

Clapping Happy Birthday Momma!


This girl knows how to R E L A X


This was my view this morning… 30 ain’t so bad, ain’t so bad at all…. xo

2 thoughts on “30 ain’t so bad

  1. Caleen

    It’s pure enjoyment to hear you reflect on your husband and precious Ivy! Each story is so you true to who you are.

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