High heels, hair loss, and hangovers

May 5, 2014

Having a new baby has really changed our lives. Ivy is always on my mind and I try to spend every second I have with her. While she goes to bed for the night at 6:30 each night, that means I only really get a couple of hours with her, and then by the time the weekend comes around and I get all weekend with her, she’s like a new baby with a new trick she’s doing, usually something quirky that Grandma has taught her. Week by week, changing rapidly, and I don’t wanna miss a thing (damn that was a good song… cue the Liv Tyler and Ben Affleck make-out sesh. I totally wanted to be her in that movie, didn’t you?!). Soooo, with me being obsessed with Ivy, John and I haven’t exactly gotten out lately for a night on the town. Frankly, I enjoy our nights together with a bottle of wine cozying in on the couch with a good flick, takin’ it easy, enjoying our new house together. But, this weekend, our friends rented a limo bus to head to Archie’s Waeside in Le Mars, Iowa to celebrate their birthdays. John and I couldn’t miss this! Trouuuuble aheaaaad…

Saturday rolls around and I’m like, AHHH what the HELL am I supposed to wear? I haven’t been shopping at all for myself!! Moms admit it, it’s WAY more fun buying things for your baby now, so that was a large problem. I managed to find something, and then I dusted (seriously, dusted) off my black heels that I’m preeeeetty sure I haven’t worn since last January before I was pregnant. Ok, outfit, check, and reality check, next outing, buy MYSELF something! Good grief, I’m no fashion diva, but I realized I miss treating myself to a new pair of Hudson jeans and a cute top. And new heels. And maybe a pedicure. And manicure. And hair dye. And well, everything. BLAH

The worst thing about post-pregnancy is hair loss. Now I had a pretty damn good pregnancy, no sickness, no weird food cravings, I could still eat everything, and I continued running. So all of those strange pregnancy side-effects, I got nada. But then you hear about how pregnancy gives you glowing skin, healthy thick hair, yada yada yada, well I got none of those either. When my friends told me all about the hair loss effect, I was PRAYING I wouldn’t get that. 5 months passed by and I thought I was in the clear, well then KABAM. Here come the CLUMPS out of my head. It was terrible. As I was getting all pretty pretty for the night out, it was difficult to be excited about my hair and getting all glam glam as clumps were coming out, and I SWEAR I have lost some serious volume. I managed to get some semi-good curls in then wiped up a mound of hair off the floor. UGH. Ok, outfit check, hair, kinda check.

I will have to say, that since being pregnant, and now having a baby, I really don’t miss drinking my socks off. The hangovers, the headaches, the nausea, I HATE that. Somehow, I ended up drinking my socks off on Saturday and HELLO HANGOVER on Sunday. UGH. I haven’t experienced the whole “hangover and newborn baby” yet, so I tried to pull myself together as Ivy woke up at 6:30am. Now that was a time I was NOT proud of. Feeling like absolute shit as Ivy just wanted to play and smile. I don’t need to do that again for a LONG time. Thankfully Daddy was feeling a tad bit better than me, so I passed her off and headed back to bed. Maaaaybe I didn’t need that final shot of jager bomb, maaaaybe I didn’t need to stay up till 1:30 am, maaaaaybe I didn’t need to have 2 margaritas and probably a whole bottle of wine (or 2, who really knows). Well not maaaaaaybe, I just didn’t. But hey, it was fun getting out with friends and feeling like a crazy obnoxious girl again. Next time, if you’re out with me, take that last shot away from me though, I’ll thank you in the morning.



 (Notice… the picture is blurry, bc that’s what we were seeing… BLURRED LIIIIINES)

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