7 months

May 1, 2014

Baby girl is 7 months today! May 1st, May Day, fiiiiinally getting closer to summer! And, I have 10 days left of work until summer break! I can’t WAIT to spend more time with my little lovebug. Betsy is soaking up her last few days. But we will have a lot of time at Lake Madison together this summer! Ivy is surely going to love the water being a Koch.

This month, Ivy is getting closer and closer to crawling. She’s bending all the way over, occasionally completing a nose dive to the ground, but, nonetheless, closer to crawling. She is babbling all the time and I hear that her first words are most likely “dada?!” WHAT. I’ll definitely be jealous about that one, buuut it’ll be just as sweet hearing her love on her daddy :)

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