Matilda Ivy

April 29, 2014

I struggle buying Ivy designer/brand name clothes (yes, I just mixed baby and designer, gasp!). It’s like, well, I could spend $40 on this ADORABLE outfit, but then realistically, she will wear it 1-3 times before growing out of it, and blow out of it all 3 of those times. Don’t get me wrong, I would LOVE to see Ivy in this Little Hip Squeaks dress, or this denim Gap shirtdress, (btw, shirtdress?? that word kinda makes me laugh), but REALLY? $37. I admit that one of which, I will still probably buy because it just takes a little more self-resistance than I currently have with summer baby clothes. And she’ll look damn cute in it…

One of those designers that has exploded is Matilda Jane. I went to a trunk show before I had Ivy and of course wanted EVERYTHING, I mean, because those prints, those ruffles, those colors! AND it is like THE softest fabric, sooo cozy. Grandma Betsy bought her the cutest 2 piece outfit, but it was a 12 mo size. They gotta run small because I pulled it out the other day and it looked like she could fit into it! And she did! Needless to say, I was very anxious to bring Ivy to Grandma’s to show her the outfit. We just died. Soooo stinkin’ cute! While Ivy is auditioning to the be the next Matilda Jane model, you can enjoy some of these precious pics from Grandma Betsy…

photo 1 photo 2

Tender little teefers

photo 3

Dad’s lunch break with Ivy

photo 4

Caged ANIMAL… this girl can get cray cray!

photo 5


Now, Ivy, you can help Grandma clean, but DON’T RUIN YOUR OUTFIT!!!! :)

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