3 months and Happy New Year

January 1, 2014

3 months old! Too fast. And I start work tomorrow. Damn. It was great while it lasted. Hopefully this semester goes fast so summer can get here and I get this babe every day again! Thankfully, John’s mom Betsy and my mom Caleen are going to take her instead of daycare. Love that! Ivy you’re a lucky girl to have both grandparents here!

IMG_3974 IMG_3950

Oh ya, I know I’m cute



She’s been playing with her hands a ton! She always looks like she’s praying :)


She LOVES her toes right now! It is hilarious! Like, ummm really, you can do that? She loves having no socks on and she just chomps away at them. I laaauuuugghhh. I know she didn’t get that from me. The best I ever got on the sit-and-reach was a big fat ZERO. Ugh, that’s the reason I never got the Presidential Fitness Award. Grrrr.

Now onto John and I – we had a NYE party last night filled with friends and family. It was SO much fun to finally entertain again after basically not having people over all year while we were at the loft.


 Happy New Year!

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